Workshop 1: The truth about successful blogging

1. Overview

Blogging, like social media, is an online platform that can catapult your communications and advocacy efforts to the next level by connecting you with your audience like no other writing can. Yet blogging is both an art and a science – and different from other styles of writing, with its own special set of skills and rules. This workshop will unveil and equip you with these skills, whether you blog for the UN, the private sector, an NGO or yourself.

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2. Benefits of attending

How successful is your blog? Is it an afterthought or is it front and center in your communications and advocacy strategy – where it belongs? Whether it’s a newbie or already well established, you’ll leave this workshop armed with expert tactics to immediately propel your blog to the next level.

During this workshop you will:

  • Uncover your own blogging skills and apply them to raise your blog’s profile and engagement
  • Learn the latest traffic-building techniques
  • Plan your blog’s content and publishing strategy
  • Get the inside story about building your own personal blog

3. Course outline

  • Writing for your blog: Have you been doing it all wrong?

You’ve learned how to write, carrying your editorial scars proudly. Yet much of that knowledge might be useless – at least on your blog. Find out what content and editorial rules to apply, which ones to keep and which ones to throw out.

  • Super-sizing your traffic, getting all the clicks (well, many of them) and creating engagement

Don’t put your readers to sleep – or worse, lose them altogether. There are so many ways to get the click and make your blog posts unforgettable.

  • Content creation and ideas generation: Building your blogging strategy

Why your blog isn’t the place to park things or promote your brand, and what you should be writing about instead.

  • Your personal blog: How to build it, run it and make money from it

It’s a secret thought many writers harbour – what if? Find out if there’s a personal blog in your future (and how it can create a passive income)

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4. About the trainer:

Leyla Alyanak is a former foreign correspondent with a passion for travel. She runs Women on the Road, one of the world’s Top 100 travel blogs, where she empowers women to travel smart, safe and solo. After a successful career in journalism, she joined the UN system where she advocated for HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive health and rights and global public health. She is now an independent social media consultant, blogger and writer and advises on bringing out the best in online content.