Workshop 3: Video for communicators: creation, editing, dissemination on social media

1. Overview

Communicating through images is increasingly important in a globalised environment. Communicators are confronted with increasing pressure to produce, process and disseminate content. Without the necessary experience this process can be lengthy and difficult. This workshop will help communicators learn how to create a video strategy, which includes planning, gathering content and preparing it for dissemination through and most appropriate social media channels.

2. Benefits of attending

After attending this workshop, participants will be feel more comfortable creating video content for their communications strategies and disseminating the videos through the most important social media platforms.
During this workshop participants will:
• Learn how to create interesting visual content
• Feel comfortable editing material
• Identify and understand the best channels for dissemination specifically adapted for the content

3. Course outline

The secret of a good video
In this module participants will learn the basis of how to shoot a good video, how to apply a professional approach to shooting videos using a camera or a smartphone and how to manage sound, using the right microphone and managing lighting (natural or artificial).

Basic principles of editing
Whether it is on a computer, an online service or on a smartphone, participants will learn about approaches to editing that can contribute to increased visibility for videos online.

Disseminating videos online
This module will focus on transferring and disseminating your video online with the necessary information and references to get maximum visibility. Elements include a good title, descriptive texts and using keywords to ensure that the content will be found.

Which platform is most appropriate ?
YouTube, Facebook, Vine, Snapchat, Periscope, etc. Which platform should you choose to disseminate your content to a specific audience? Participants will review different online solutions to best reach the appropriate audiences.

4. About the trainer:

tweberThierry Weber is a renowned blogger, editor, entrepreneur, and instructor with over 10 years working in digital media. He is the founder of Breew, an agency specializing in digital media productions. Thierry is also the creator and editor of the publication « Geek » and co-founder of the event « Meillieur du Web », which promotes excellence in digital projects in Switzerland. He has participated in numerous conferences linked to digital media and has taught in communications programmes in Switzerland and Singapore.