1. Overview

Communication implies a two way process, whether it is one to one or within a group.

  • Do you know how effective you are as a communicator?
  • Are your presentations effective?
  • Are your messages reaching the right people in the best way?
  • How are you perceived as a communicator?

In a context where people are submerged in information, we need to find news ways to connect with our audiences. If you can demonstrate value or benefit of what you’re saying, you’ll keep the audience focused on you! This workshop will help you answer those questions and help to perfect your capacity as an effective communicator.

Participants will be filmed throughout the workshop in order to maximize the experience with ongoing feedback from the trainers. Seeing yourself on video provides an additional value both during and after the workshop.

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2. Benefits of attending

  • Become aware of your image and impact as a communicator
  • Reinforce self-confidence in interpersonal communications
  • Learn techniques to better present your ideas to be more effective as a communicator in front of small and large groups

3. Course outline

Session 1: Introductions
How to present yourself effectively in less than a minute (video recorded)
Session 2:  What kind of communicator are you and how can you best relate to others
Session 3: Presentation techniques

  • Introduction to informative and persuasive presentations
  • Preparation of a presentation (video recorded)
  • Interactive session, constructive feedback

Register now – 13 June 2014 workshop>>

4. About the presenters

Henri Gautier a Swiss/American consultant working in Geneva. As the founder of Titanium, he has over 20 years of experience helping individuals to promote, develop and enhance their skills to reach empowerment. Titanium provides individual and collective training, consulting and coaching.

Patricia Goldschmid works as an independent communications consultant in Geneva, specialising in strategic communication and training/coaching. Patricia has over 12 years experience working in communications both as a consultant, adjunct professor, and trainer/coach for individuals and organisations. Topics include strategic communications, presentation/communication techniques and new media/social media. She has an Honours Masters of Science in Communications from the University of Lugano, Switzerland and works as adjunct professor at the International University in Geneva teaching courses in communications.