Ten years ago I followed a LinkedIN Challenge to understand how to get more from the platform.

I loved the challenge and after the ten days my profile views went from around 2 a month, to more than 20 a day!

Better still, in the month after the challenge, I attracted three new clients who over the course of the next 12 months brought me more than chf 50,000 in income (and they stayed clients for a lot longer than that too!).

So I’m delighted to announce that my friend Sarah Santacroce, an independent LinkedIn Specialist, will be running her annual LinkedIn Challenge again on 10th November, which will be bigger and better than ever – and until the 7th you can get a special Early Bird price!

You can save your place at the 2017 LinkedIn Challenge here!

The 2017 Challenge will be Bigger and Better than ever!
Over the last decade Sarah has helped more than 1800 professionals (and me!) get more from LinkedIn and this year, her 11th edition, will be bigger than better than ever!

What I love about this particular challenge is that besides all the valuable LinkedIn & Online Presence strategies you get, is that it’s a team effort.

Every year, Sarah gathers a world-wide group of leading LinkedIn experts to participate and share their best LinkedIn strategy. And this year, she’s expanded the field and included a Personal Branding, a Storytelling, a Livestreaming and a Online Image Expert.

Click the link below for the registration details & to save your spot NOW! Sarah offers an Early Bird Price until November 7th

2017 LinkedIn Challenge – Save your place here!

Did you know this about LinkedIn users?

  • They are NOT all job seekers! Most are fellow businesses looking to grow their business
  • They have a HIGHER average income than Facebook users
  • They are in work mode when browsing LinkedIn

This is why you should be using LinkedIn to get clients. Because they’re on there already. If you’re not active on LinkedIn, you’re handing a percentage of them over to someone else who is!

During the 10-day LinkedIN Challenge you will:

  • Learn why you absolutely need to use LinkedIn to get clients (how discover how!)
  • Find out that your LinkedIn Profile is boring – and how to improve it 😉
  • Grow your network significantly
  • Learn how to proactively identify, search for and connect with your ideal customers!
  • Learn how to be more visible on LinkedIn & get clients to contact you!

Plus much more!

I will definitely join Sarah’s challenge again this year. See you there!

2017 LinkedIn Challenge – Save your place here!