Thank you to all the participants who joined our networking lunch event and contributed to the creative session on: are you meeting the challenges of digital communications?, held at the Geneva Press Club on Friday, October 4th.

The group found some very interesting perspectives on 5 questions:
1. What are the current challenges you and/or your organisation face in digital communications?
2. What do you think are the main trends in digital communications?
3. What skills do communicators need for digital communications?
4. What are some examples of best practices in digital communications?
5. What is one thing you will STOP / START doing in digital communications from now on?

Here is a brief infographic with some of the results from the discussion:

Below also find below some images of the event, thanks to the generous photographer Geraldo Pestalozzi

Stay tuned for our next event at the end of November.

The GCN team


  • CGN-2019_Lunch Discussion on Digital Communication_photo by GPestalozzi -