On the Driven Female Entrepreneurs Podcast recently,  I (Melitta) spoke with Marketing Copywriter and author of ‘Survival Skills for Freelancers’, Sarah Townsend, about how she has built her business and learned how to survive as a solopreneur.

Starting her own business was never part of Sarah’s grand plan, but when her daughter came along and working full-time as a marketing account manager was no longer possible, so her boss encouraged her to explore freelance work. It felt like the perfect move so she took the leap…but establishing herself as a new Mum and a freelancer at the same time was not all unicorns and rainbows!¨

However, over the next decade, Sarah learned (often the hard way), just what it takes to survive as a freelancer, and how to take control of her business and processes to get the best results for her clients and create a sustainable business in the process.

Listen to this episode to learn more about Sarah’s journey to date, and her fantastic advice for freelancers on how to thrive in their new role and build a business their own way.

Episode available on all your favourite podcast platforms and here: www.melittacampbell.com/sarah-townsend