Hurricane Media is offering communicators in Geneva a free training session on “Effective communications in a video first world” –  Wed, 29 June 2022,  08:30 – 11:00 CEST

The session will  cover:

– Explain the theory of video marketing, including the psychology of effective content .

– Introduce basic models that can be used to understand video, including “Hero, Hub, Help” and the “digital content funnel”.

– Look at specific social channels and how to use video on them, including YouTube, Tik Tok, Instagram and Facebook.

– Give tips on how to run effective organic and paid campaigns.

– Show how to use emotions in your content to drive behaviour change.

– Explore how brands and charities can use Content hubs to build an audience and drive action.

– Discuss content creation on a limited budget.

– Showcase new technologies including interactive and personalised video .

– Answer all your video questions.

Learn more about the session and register here.