The CERAH of Geneva have launched a new 7 week certificate on Communication and Advocacy and Humanitarian Action that will start in February 2013.

Following is a description of the course:

Clear and efficient communication is essential to the success of projects carried out in emergency settings. NGO employees have to communicate effectively with each other, and often have to deal with media enquiries and inter-agency cooperation.

Communication during emergencies confronts several, important challenges. Humanitarian workers need to, often simultaneously, build positive relations with journalists, raise awareness and funds and lobby their cause.  

It is therefore important for humanitarian professionals to understand the different stages and strategies, which play out during emergency communication.  These range from the production and reception of information, to the use of old and new media and communication tools and to the formulation of effective press releases. Such practical expertise and competence needs to be complemented by critical understanding of media ethics and the wider media image of humanitarian action. This course delivers on both aspects.

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