In this episode of the Driven Female Entrepreneurs Podcast, I speak with Zurich-based Communication Architect, Tulia Lopes about how she helps women find their voice, create and share their story and shine on stage, in their career and in life.


Tulia is the founder of the Speak Up and Lead Academy, the AWESummit and author of Leading in High Heels – but while today she is a prominent part of the European speaking community, she started her career as an architect. She has also been successful in IT and entrepreneurship before she found her true calling as a speaker and speaker coach while upgrading her own skills in these area more than a decade ago. She is a perfect illustration that where you’ve been does not have to dictate where you go next, and that all your studies, skills and experiences can be blended and adapted to new help you excel in new situations and opportunities (which probably have more similarity to your past roles than you might at first think).


Listen to this episode to discover how you too can unleash the power of your voice.


“Every obstacle is an opportunity to be creative.” Tulia Lopes


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