On the Driven Female Entrepreneurs Podcast recently,  I (Melitta) spoke with social media consultant and online marketing strategist, Jamie Palmer, about how businesses can succeed with their social media marketing.


When Jamie was a senior at college in 2003, and struggling to find work, she decided to start her own business and fill a gap in the market for website creation. When, in 2007, she saw the potential of social media to support businesses, she decided to start exploring the possibilities it presented for her clients and the future of her business. After getting her Masters degree in leadership and information technology, she built a social media agency and more recently has evolved this into a social media coaching practice to train and guide businesses in setting up and implementing a fitting social-media strategy for their business and goals.


Listen to this episode to discover what it takes to build your business through social media and what you need to consider when building a social media strategy that will connect with your audience and drives engagement and sales.


“Social media is evolving. People are looking for the personal touch.” Jamie Palmer


Episode available on all your favourite podcast platforms and here: www.melittacampbell.com/jamie-palmer