Title: Senior Communications Adviser
Duty Station: remote/home-based
Duration of appointment: around 26 days over a period of 6 months (starting June 2020)
Employment type: Contractor (Consultant)

Background Information

The Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions (GANHRI) is a member-based network organization that gathers NHRIs from all around the world. Its mission is to unite, promote and strengthen NHRIs to operate in line with the Paris Principles and to provide leadership in the promotion and protection of human rights.

Representing more than 110 NHRIs, their members and staff across all regions, GANHRI is one of the largest human rights networks worldwide. With a Head Office in Geneva and a governance structure representing NHRIs around the world, GANHRI is truly global. Enriched by its diversity, its membership is united by a common vision: a world where everyone everywhere fully enjoys their human rights.

GANHRI works in close synergy with the four regional networks of NHRIs in Africa, the Americas, the Asia Pacific and Europe, creating one comprehensive structure of independent networks.

GANHRI is recognised, and is a trusted partner, of the United Nations. It has established strong relationships with the UN Human Rights Office, UNDP and other UN agencies, as well as with other international and regional organisations, NGOs, civil society and academia.

GANHRI is currently entering a new strategic period (2020-2022), as defined in the new GANHRI Strategic Plan, which overall objective is that by contributing to establishing, strengthening, supporting, bringing together, coordinating the joint efforts of and representing its members at global level, GANHRI has significantly contributed to the effective promotion and protection of human rights.
To achieve this ambitious objective and the goals of the new strategic plan, GANHRI needs to enhance its internal and external communications, in line with its core identity, including to increase visibility, transparency and accountability towards partners and members.

About the assignement

The Senior Communications Adviser will play a key role in leading GANHRI’s communications in the new strategic period (2020-2022). In particular, she/he will be responsible to the development, implementation, ongoing renewal and continuous revitalization of a comprehensive communications strategy and related plan of action for GANHRI.
The Senior Communications Adviser will provide principal guidance to GANHRI staff in relation to the internal and external communication needs of GANHRI.
The focus will be twofold: an external focus to help grow the profile and reputation of GANHRI among its audience by developing plans and reach out activities; and an internal focus providing guidance and support, to ensure that communications are integrated, and that effective and high-quality communications advice and support is provided internally from staff and governance bodies,.

Expected Key Deliverables

• Development and delivery of GANHRI communications strategy and related plan of action for internal and external communications and outreach. This could include, but is not limited to providing:
o Leadership in developing and monitoring implementation of GANHRI communications strategy and related plan of action;
o Advise GANHRI to align the communication strategy with its strategic vision, mission and objectives;
o Expert advice, guidance and support to GANHRI Head Office regarding external and internal communications, including in relation to communications with GANHRI governance bodies;
o Support the development and implementation of innovative external communication strategies and approaches, including news releases, social media postings, and other methods to effectively support messaging regarding key initiatives and activities undertaken by GANHRI;
o Assistance to the GANHRI Head Office to ensure coherence and consistency in external messaging and alignment of GANHRI communication activities in line with Strategic Plan and GANHRI Identity;
o Guidance and support for the development of new communication products, including an e-newsletter, corporate brochures and a review and update of the GANHRI website and other means of communication;
o Provide internal media and communications related training to the Head Office team.

• The Senior Communications Adviser will work with the Head Office team to provide strategic communications support including:
o Guiding and supervising the GANHRI Head Office staff working on communications;
o Leading in conceptualizing, drafting and editing GANHRI annual reports;
o Reviewing and improving GANHRI’s processes for content development, for documenting and showcasing the work of GANHRI and the NHRIs, and sharing lessons learned internally and externally (videos, articles, photos, etc.);
o Developing messaging guides for website and social media channels (website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), and provide guidance on content development and use.

Time Span

The assignment is expected to be carried out for a period of 26 days over 6 months, with possibility of extension, and according to an agreed timeline.

Institutional Arrangements

The Consultant will report directly to the GANHRI Head Office and through it to the GANHRI Chairperson. GANHRI Head office and, where needed, individual governance holders will be actively involved throughout the process and will provide all relevant background documents necessary for the assignment.

Expected Expertise

Successful consultant should possess the following profile:

• Be a qualified and experienced expert communicator, with more than 10 years of relevant experience.
• Be a native English speaker (or native level).
• Have a good working knowledge of the UN/non-profit or international human rights field.
• Specific experience with NHRIs and NHRIs networks will be an asset.

Summary of Technical and Financial Proposal

Qualified candidates are requested to provide:

• A brief proposal of one pager on implementing the assignment, including methodology ;
• Unit cost for daily fees (in EUR);
• Curriculum vitae.


GANHRI will pre-select and invite three candidates to submit an offer.
A panel of two executive staff will assess the proposals and make a final decision.

This ToR does not entail any commitment on the part of GANHRI, either financial or otherwise. GANHRI reserves the right to accept or reject any or all ToR submissions without incurring any obligation to inform the affected applicant/s of the grounds.

Deadline for applications: 8 June 2020. Please send the application by email with the reference to the consultancy at: recruitment@ganhri.org