From Chief Executive to Chief Engagement Officer: the examining the transitional role of CEOs in Internal Communication

From Chief Executive to Chief Engagement Officer: the examining the transitional role of CEOs in Internal Communication
By Linjuan Rita Men

In a recent interview with McKinsey & Company in April 2014, Richard Edelman used the term “chief engagement officer” to describe a Chief Executive Officer’s (CEO) new role, when discussing how today’s leaders can regain public trust. Rather than merely formulate policies, CEOs must step forward, meet communities both internally and externally, establish personal relationships, and genuinely listen to people’s concerns. I cannot agree more!

CEOs and their organizations are naturally linked together. CEOs, especially those who are also founders of their organizations, define corporate DNAs such as corporate character, mission, goals, purposes, culture, and values. For example, consider Apple’s innovative and ruthless culture under Steve Jobs and Facebook’s ‘hacker’ culture under the leadership of Mark Zuckerberg. From a public relations perspective, CEOs serve as the “face” and spokesperson of their companies, shaping their firm’s corporate image in the eyes of their external constituencies. Moreover, as the top leaders and symbols of power within an organization, CEOs can support and participate in communication programs, set the tone for internal communication, and create communication systems that can be managed effectively.

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New Report shows the current state of the Internal Communications sector

Each year Gatehouse, an internal communication and employee engagement consultancy, publishes the results of its annual industry–wide survey of internal comms professionals in a report it called ‘The State of the Sector’.
This week it released its 2013 findings, revealing the current challenges internal communicators are facing and where their focus will be over the coming months. It also looks at channel use and explores the impact of new and emerging technologies like Enterprise Social Networks and Apps.
As well as being an insightful snapshot of internal communications today, the report is a useful way to:
  • See how you measure up against other organisations
  • Win support for new projects, and
  • Help you decide what to focus on

To download your copy of the free report, visit the Gatehouse website.

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Le News – New Publication with Local Swiss News in English


Le News, a new weekly  local English language newspaper will launch on 31 October 2013. 30’000 copies will be distributed free of charge in the Arc lémanique on the launch date and readership is expected to reach 50’000.

Reports will cover local and national news and events and will aim to help foreigners feel more at home and integrated into Swiss society. In addition a series of topical supplements especially relevant to the readership will be included.

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call for papers – International History of Public Relations Conference 2014, Bournemouth University, UK

The Call for Papers for the International History of Public Relations Conference 2014 has been announced:

There are two new additional themes – Public relations of media organisations, and Public relations and technology

Abstracts are due on Monday December 16. Send to

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Geneva International Cooperation: Your Feedback

The Office of the Delegate for international Geneva of the Republic and State of Geneva is currently undertaking a review of their website Geneva International Cooperation.

We would very much appreciate your feedback by completing a brief online survey. This survey will take some 10 minutes.  All responses provided are anonymous and will be treated confidentially.

To complete the survey, please click here:

Thank you!

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Survey – key drivers and patterns in Corporate Communications Strategic Management

Calling all communication professionals, please assist PhD student and GCN member Lukasz Bochenek by undertaking a brief survey on key drivers and patterns in Corporate Communications Strategic Management:

Thank you!

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Fresh inspiration source for Internal Communicators

A new publication has recently launched that promises to give those in internal communication a rich source of inspiration, learning and advice. It offers this through real-life stories and expert advice direct from leaders inside some of the world’s most exciting companies.

The publishers have made a sample issue of the Journal of Internal Communications available for GCN members to try. If you like it, you can learn more or purchase a subscription at the Journal of Internal Communication website (a special offer code can be found at the end of the sample copy).

Happy reading!


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Help Save World Radio Switzerland

As a platform promoting communication for the English speaking community around the Lake Geneva area, the Geneva Communicators Network would like to support the movement to save World Radio Switzerland.

Some of you may have heard that the parent company of WRS (The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation) is planning to privatize or close WRS by the end of the year.

For 15 years, WRS has provided us with valuable programmes about local news, traditions, events and other insights as well as interesting programmes from around the world. We would like to encourage our members to join the 1200 people who have already signed the online petition to save WRS.

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Ultimate guide to Facebook fan engagement

At times it feels like Facebook has been part of our lives forever, yet its business pages are only three years old. A new study by Buddy Media reveals which posts by companies attract the most response giving some useful information for businesses wanting to drive Facebook Fan engagement.

Here is a summary of the report’s findings:

Best time to post: 20.00-07.00 – out of work hours, people take more time to ‘like’ and comment.

Post on Wednesdays – Wednesday, followed by Sunday, came out as the best days to post for engagement.

Limit daily posts –  one or two posts a day results in a 40 percent higher engagement rate compared with posting more than three times a day.

Post one to four times a week – for retail brands, posting one to four times a week produces 71 percent higher user engagement than five or more posts.

Short posts work best – posts with less than 80 characters receive 66 percent higher engagement than longer posts, with those with between one and 40 characters prompting the most activity (86% more!).

Questions get fans talking – questions generate more than double the amount of comments than non-question posts.

Best structure: fill in the blank – brand posts employing a fill in the blank strategy (e.g. I like…) generate comment rates nine times higher than other posts, yet less than 1 percent of retail brands use this tactic.

Money speaks – when posting about a special offers, even small amounts of money off generates more interest than percentage discounts.

Text only posts are best – Status posts that contain only words receive 94 percent higher engagement than average. The next best post is a single photo with simple text.

What to know more? Download the full report from the Buddy Media website >


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Rock Your Comms!

A new book released last week promises to help those in Internal Communications to ‘Rock their Comms’ by sharing 98 killer tips from seasoned professionals (including GCN members) that all answer the question: “What’s the single, most important thing that you’ve learned in internal communication?”

Proceeds from the book go to ‘Make a Wish’, a charity that makes the dreams of terminally ill children come true, so it also supports a very worthwhile cause.

To know more or order your copy, visit the Rockstar Comms website.


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