How to Feel Confident on Camera

On the Driven Female Entrepreneurs Podcast recently,  I (Melitta) spoke with serial entrepreneur, journalist and course creator Lucy Griffths, about her best advice for those wanting to feel more confident on camera.


For 20 years, Lucy worked as a journalist often working in areas of conflict. But when she became pregnant, she was clear that she didn’t want to continue in that line of work, so looked for alternatives. She started an Air B’n’B business, but wanted more. Having gained a Masters Degree in Coaching, while covering the conflict in Iraq, Lucy decided to combine this skill with her on-screen and journalism experience to help women gain the confidence to become more visible, and share their voice through video.


Listen to this episode to learn more about Lucy’s fascinating business journey, and her insights and advice for those looking to share their story, message and knowledge with others.


“It’s so important to share your message and put yourself out there. If you don’t, it’s much harder to sell, build a connection and build an audience.” Lucy Griffiths.


Episode available on all your favourite podcast platforms and here:

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Growing your business with Powerful Content

In this episode of the Driven Female Entrepreneurs Podcast, I (Melitta) spoke with Nyon based Communication Strategist, Pauliina Rasi, about how she helps small businesses to share their mighty missions and engage with their audiences through clear and consistent content and grow their businesses.


Pauliina started her business when she had her daughter. She was eager to find a way to work around her family, while also putting her 15 years of experience as journalist and content strategist to good use. Knowing she has a specific talent for transforming any topic into a fascinating text that speaks to a wider audience, she decided to make this service available to local businesses and corporations.


Listen to this episode to discover how you can adopt a solid content strategy to support your business ambitions.


“Successful content that will grow your business relies on consistency – there are no magic bullets that will transform your business overnight.” Pauliina Rasi


Episode available on all your favourite podcast platforms and here:

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Survival Skills for Freelancers

On the Driven Female Entrepreneurs Podcast recently,  I (Melitta) spoke with Marketing Copywriter and author of ‘Survival Skills for Freelancers’, Sarah Townsend, about how she has built her business and learned how to survive as a solopreneur.

Starting her own business was never part of Sarah’s grand plan, but when her daughter came along and working full-time as a marketing account manager was no longer possible, so her boss encouraged her to explore freelance work. It felt like the perfect move so she took the leap…but establishing herself as a new Mum and a freelancer at the same time was not all unicorns and rainbows!¨

However, over the next decade, Sarah learned (often the hard way), just what it takes to survive as a freelancer, and how to take control of her business and processes to get the best results for her clients and create a sustainable business in the process.

Listen to this episode to learn more about Sarah’s journey to date, and her fantastic advice for freelancers on how to thrive in their new role and build a business their own way.

Episode available on all your favourite podcast platforms and here:

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Digital Marketing Management Graduate Certificate – in Geneva

Webster University in Geneva are now offering a graduate certificate in Digital Marketing Management –  for experienced professionals who have a background in marketing and are interested in obtaining specific expertise–and an academic credential–in the dynamic field of digital marketing.

Over six evening courses, participants will be learn to:

• Create digital marketing strategies that align with larger marketing objectives.
• Critically analyze the appropriateness of each of the major digital marketing channels (i.e. paid, organic, affiliate, social, email and mobile applications etc.) against marketing strategies.
• Develop, evaluate and execute a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and plan.
• Measure and evaluate digital marketing efforts.
• Describe the latest digital marketing technologies.
• Articulate the ethical impact of digital marketing efforts.

Further information (pdf) >>

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7 week course on Communication, Advocacy and Negotiation in Humanitarian Settings

CERAH in Geneva is offering a 7 week course (certificate of advance studies) with 1 week short courses also available: April 29 – June 14, 2019

“Communication during aid action projects confronts several important challenges. Humanitarian workers need to, often simultaneously, build positive relations with the affected populations, authorities and journalists, raise awareness and support, as well as lobby the cause they defend.”

Further information>>

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Are you leaving money on the table because you’re not using LinkedIn to get new clients?

Ten years ago I followed a LinkedIN Challenge to understand how to get more from the platform.

I loved the challenge and after the ten days my profile views went from around 2 a month, to more than 20 a day!

Better still, in the month after the challenge, I attracted three new clients who over the course of the next 12 months brought me more than chf 50,000 in income (and they stayed clients for a lot longer than that too!).

So I’m delighted to announce that my friend Sarah Santacroce, an independent LinkedIn Specialist, will be running her annual LinkedIn Challenge again on 10th November, which will be bigger and better than ever – and until the 7th you can get a special Early Bird price!

You can save your place at the 2017 LinkedIn Challenge here!

The 2017 Challenge will be Bigger and Better than ever!
Over the last decade Sarah has helped more than 1800 professionals (and me!) get more from LinkedIn and this year, her 11th edition, will be bigger than better than ever!

What I love about this particular challenge is that besides all the valuable LinkedIn & Online Presence strategies you get, is that it’s a team effort.

Every year, Sarah gathers a world-wide group of leading LinkedIn experts to participate and share their best LinkedIn strategy. And this year, she’s expanded the field and included a Personal Branding, a Storytelling, a Livestreaming and a Online Image Expert.

Click the link below for the registration details & to save your spot NOW! Sarah offers an Early Bird Price until November 7th

2017 LinkedIn Challenge – Save your place here!

Did you know this about LinkedIn users?

  • They are NOT all job seekers! Most are fellow businesses looking to grow their business
  • They have a HIGHER average income than Facebook users
  • They are in work mode when browsing LinkedIn

This is why you should be using LinkedIn to get clients. Because they’re on there already. If you’re not active on LinkedIn, you’re handing a percentage of them over to someone else who is!

During the 10-day LinkedIN Challenge you will:

  • Learn why you absolutely need to use LinkedIn to get clients (how discover how!)
  • Find out that your LinkedIn Profile is boring – and how to improve it 😉
  • Grow your network significantly
  • Learn how to proactively identify, search for and connect with your ideal customers!
  • Learn how to be more visible on LinkedIn & get clients to contact you!

Plus much more!

I will definitely join Sarah’s challenge again this year. See you there!

2017 LinkedIn Challenge – Save your place here!

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Social Media Strategy Masterclass – Impact Hub


3 hour workshop & 1 hour follow-up consultation with your trainer, Kathleen Holmlund (sign up here!)

Need to create a social media strategy but don’t know where to start?
Every action you take on your social networks should be a part of an overall communications and marketing strategy for your business or organisation. It may sound daunting, but every post, like and comment you make should be aligned with your organisational values and goals. By taking the time to create and implement a social media strategy you will find that your social efforts and skills will start to blossom naturally.

What is a social media strategy?
Quite simply, it is a summary and action plan for everything you plan to do and hope to accomplish for your business or organisation using social networks. It follows three main stages:

  1. An audit of your social media presence to establish your starting point
  2. Goal setting for how you would like it to look in the future
  3. Selecting the resources and tools you will need to reach those goals

What you will learn
During the workshop, I will take you through the whole process of creating a social media strategy. You will learn how to:

  • Conduct a social media audit
  • Create your social media goals & objectives
  • Create & improve your social profile
  • Get inspiration from industry leaders, peers, competitors, clients, etc
  • Create a content plan and editorial calendar
  • Experiment, track, reflect and adjust your plan

Who should attend?

  • SME business owners
  • Startups
  • Nonprofits & NGOs
  • Marketers & PR practitioners
  • Creative professionals
  • Anyone wishing to start their own business
  • Employees who have to manage social media channels

Pre-Course homework and post-course support

Before coming to the workshop, you will be invited to complete a set of tasks to get the most out of the training. Following the workshop, you will have a 1 hour one-on-one consultation either in person or over Skype. You can use this to review your progress, set some goals or get further clarity on specific areas of social media.

Your trainer & coach: Kathleen Holmlund

Kathleen has worked in the communications field across various corporate and nonprofit sectors for over 18 years. These include consumer electronics, automotive electronics, human rights, climate, business ethics, health and food. She has been developing and executing social media plans for over 10 years and loves being kept on her toes with this fast moving industry. She joined Impact Hub Geneva as a collaborator in Spring 2015, and has since focused her efforts on working with social entrepreneurs, startups and nonprofits who are purpose-driven in making a positive impact in our world. Check out her LinkedIn profile for more information.

Social Media Strategy Masterclass

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Communication courses on humanitarian action in Geneva

The Geneva Centre for Education and Research in Humanitarian Action (CERAH), based in Geneva, is offering one week courses and a Certificate of Advanced Studies (7 weeks), further information:

Clear and efficient communication is essential to the success of projects carried out in humanitarian action. To succeed in their mission, it is important for humanitarian professionals to understand the different needs, stages and strategies of communication which play out during humanitarian project implementation. CERAH is one of the few institutes providing courses in communication that are specifically tailored for humanitarian action. 2 new short courses have been developed to complete CERAH’s course offering:

 Short Course – Dialogue with Communities

February 20 – 24, 2017

Develop a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of challenges, opportunities and limits of the dialogue with communities, including intercultural communication, accountability and strategy.

Short Course –  Media and Humanitarian Action: Approaches and Challenges

March 06 – 10, 2017

​Analyzing the media landscape, understanding the limits and constraints of media relations and developing effective messages to the media are most relevant skills for effective communication

7-weeks Certificate of Advanced Studies – Communication, Advocacy and Negotiation in Humanitarian Settings

February 13 – March 31, 2017

This diploma focuses on operational communication and enables participants to strengthen their communication competencies and develop proper advocacy and negotiation strategies in line with their humanitarian objectives and environment

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New certificate – Communications Management in a Complex Environment

Designed for mid-career managers operating in communication-intensive functions (corporate communication, marketing, human resources, compliance), the news Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) Communications Management in a Complex Environment program is offered by the Faculty of Communication Sciences of the Universita della Svizzera italiana (USI).

The certificate provides a unique opportunity to delve deeply both conceptually and experientially into the communication challenges of today’s complex business world. Held in three campuses around the world, participants will study with peers enrolled in the MSc in Communication Management of Singapore Management University (SMU), enjoying a privileged setting for cross-cultural exchange.

The CAS Communications Management in a Complex Environment program takes place mostly during the summer, from the end of May to the end of September, allowing participants to optimize their time away from the office.

Further information>>

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Transcending influence – Global advocacy in motion – Webinar

Webinar – Tuesday 06 December 2016, 18:00 – 18:45

From the Graduate Institute, Geneva: Ever wondered how advocacy works in practice? What about when the issues at stake are global in scope? Who are the actors and who are the influencers? What works, what doesn’t?

Join our panel of experts to hear about the winning ingredients of successful campaigns and transformative approaches that move beyond being part of the picture to framing the debate itself. Bring your own questions and insights to the table for this enlightening discussion on advocacy in international affairs.

Chair – Prof Davide Rodogno, Co-Director, Executive Certificate – Advocacy in International Affairs & Head of Dept of International History, Graduate Institute, Geneva

Dmitry Vishnyakov, ADV ‘12, Head of Gov Relations (Russia and Eurasian Economic Union), Nike

Deana Jordan Sullivan, ADV ‘13, Global Health Advisor, Washington D.C., Previously U.S. Department of State, U.S. Mission Geneva, Permanent Mission of Canada to the OAS

Habib Turki, ADV ‘13, Project Coordinator, Africa & the Middle East at International Road Transport Union (IRU)

More information>>

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