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Request for Proposals for DNDi Film on the Discovery of a Cure for African Sleeping Sickness


REQUEST FOR PROPOSALSDNDi Film on the Discovery of a Cure for African Sleeping sickness 

1. Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi

Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) is a not-for-profit research and development organization, DNDi works to deliver new treatments for neglected diseases: leishmaniasis, human African trypanosomiasis, Chagas disease, specific filarial infections, mycetoma, paediatric HIV, and hepatitis C.

2. Project overview: 

DNDi is requesting proposals for producing a compelling HD film (4-6’) that tells the story of the development of the first all-oral cure for sleeping sickness. This film will show how this innovative drug, called “fexinidazole,” will completely change the way we treat people living with sleeping sickness, a deadly tropical disease that affects some of the most neglected communities in the world.

Fexinidazole was developed through an alternative, non-profit driven R&D model and this film will showcase the innovative partnership that led to this scientific discovery – a partnership that could help challenge the prevailing notion how we develop drugs.

3. Project scope 

DNDi would like to develop a 4-6 minute film for on/off-line screening that shows, on the one side, this innovative partnership and development of a new treatment for sleeping sickness in Central Africa, and at the same time offers a moving human story that shows the ravages caused by sleeping sickness, how fexinidazole will change things for treatment of the disease now and control/elimination of the disease in future.

While there is a need to avoid excessive reliance on talking heads, the human side of both parts of this story should shine – the researchers and scientists working together for the drug’s development, and the health workers and patients working and living in the world’s most remote areas of the Congo.

Previous DNDi films have been made around these same angles but this film must have a distinct visual identity and brand that can serve as inspiration for a “mini-campaign” for social media, where DNDi and partners can take short clips/images of the video and share them.

4. Budget 

Please provide a budget estimate with cost breakdowns and maximum details.

5. Eligible criteria: 

• Experience in creative video development, production and post-production on social/development/scientific issues, including animated infographics, aimed at international general audience;
• Understanding the purpose and the scope of this video project
• Must have experience in producing videos of similar nature for international clients (must submit at least 2 similar sample work as a proof)
• Original and creative approach
• Demonstration of cost effective approaches to video production
• Demonstrated ability to coordinate resources, equipment and required staffing for video production and post-production
• Demonstrated experience producing videos for non-profit organizations
• Availability to travel to Africa and Europe in May/June 2018

6. Timelines 

• Milestone 1: Completion of briefings and production of initial outlines – May 15th, 2018
• Milestone 2: Production of storyboards – June 15th, 2018
• Milestone 3: DRC filming trip to be scheduled. 1st version of the film – July 13th, 2018
• Milestone 4: Final version of the film – July 25th, 2018

7. Proposal requirements 

The proposal should include:

• A cover letter that explains how the video producer can meet DNDi’s needs, citing experience, skills, capacity and motivation; and an indication of availability for a visio call or a meeting in Geneva the week of April 9th, 2018 if shortlisted.
• Any short creative proposals would be welcome based on the brief above.
• Samples of video productions

8. Proposal evaluation 

A selection will be made by the DNDi project team based on the proposal’s:

• Responsiveness to the scope of work as outlined, and DNDi’s needs
• Demonstrated experience and expertise in similar projects
• Bios, qualifications of personnel assigned
• Sample of video productions
• Cost effectiveness

9. Proposal submission 

• Send questions if any to sloiacono@dndi.org by Friday March 23rd, 2018
• Answers to questions related to the RFP will be answered in a document shared with all the bidders by Wednesday March 28th, 2018
• Send your full dossier containing all proposal requirements in pdf by Wednesday April 4th 2018. Proposals should be sent to: sloiacono@dndi.org
• Award project: Week of April 16th 2018 

For a full description of the RFP>>

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GCN Lunchtime Seminar, Friday 13 April 2018

Dear Communicators,

The Geneva Communicators Network is pleased to announce our next lunchtime seminar on Friday 13 April 2018.

Successes and challenges in communicating to multi-stakeholder audiences: the example of the Geneva Urban Development Projects.

Geneva is a great place to live and work, but some may find that housing and transportation have been a challenge! So what is Geneva doing about it? Come and discover at our next “Geneva Communicators Network” lunch event to be held on Friday 13 April 2018 at the Conference Centre in Geneva.

This special event will feature Vincent Lusser, responsible for communications at Geneva State’s Department of Town and Country Planning, Housing and Energy. While taking you on a special tour of the urban development project augmented reality display, Vincent will discuss the communication challenges linked to the development of the Geneva urban projects, the public debates they raise and how to manage the differing views and diverse publics.

Date: Friday 13 April 2018
Time: 12h30 to 14h00
Location: Centre de Conférences de Varembé (FIPOI); Rue de Varembe 13 – 1202 Genève (Near Place des Nations)
Fee: CHF 30.- per person includes drinks and snacks – please register online >> 
The exhibition presents the urban development projects in augmented reality on a giant floor photo of the region featuring aspects such as housing and activity areas, the Léman Express rail network, the Nations road and tunnel or public equipment and infrastructure for the canton’s energy transition. Projects for the Nations area are specially highlighted, including with the model of the “Cité de la Musique”.
We look forward to seeing you!
Patricia, Glenn, Melitta and Ekaterina
Geneva Communicators Network
urban exhibition geneva
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eCom Geneva – 24-25 April, 2018

The eCom Geneva exhibition is the largest event dedicated to the web, eCommerce, mobile and digital marketing in French-speaking Switzerland. The 8th edition will take place on April 24-25, 2018. 4,000 trade visitors will come to meet 250 companies (75% Swiss, 25% foreign) and will attend 120 themed conferences, keynotes and workshops.

The exhibition offers to its trade visitors a rich and varied program of themed conferences, an exhibition area, workshops, business meetings and training sessions.

This is a must attend event for company directors and managers responsible for digital, web and mobile, eCommerce, eBusiness, marketing and communication, IT, etc.

Not to be missed: 4 other parallel events

SMARC (new event dedicated to marketing and customer relation)
Swiss IT Business (SITB), the exhibition dedicated to business software and IT solutions
The BI Swiss Forum (BISF) with a conference room exclusively dedicated to BI and Big Data
Retail Expo, event dedicated to retail and point of sales

A unique concept: 2 days, 5 reunited professional events, one visit, 1 same visitor badge. A true 360-degree experience.

To register for the 4 events>>

For further information>>

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World Communications Forum – Global 2018 “Communication Power”

The 2018 edition of the World Communications Forum – Global “Communication Power” will take place on 21-22 March 2018 at Rue de Saint-Jean 98 in Geneva.

The goal of the Forum is to unite trend-makers and influencers from the global communications elite and provide a platform for discussion focused on the future development of communications and their role in business, society and politics; to provoke in-depth analysis of the form and content of interaction between business, media, and society, on the one hand, and the state, on the other.

Some highlights from the programme include:

  • Communication Research and Global Health Promotion.
    Gary Kreps, Ph.D., FAAHB, Distinguished Professor, Department of Communication, Director of the Center for Health & Risk Communication, George Mason University (USA)
  • Gaming for social change (as a communicative tool).
    Jessica Muhamad, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Communication, School of Communication, Florida State University (USA)
  • Trust as the currency for communications.
    Dr. Gaya Gamhewage, World Health Organisation – Infectious Hazard Management & Risk Communications (Switzerland)
  • Culture: The True Brand of a Nation.
    Her Excellency, Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi, Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development of the UAE
  • What makes a country brand? Falling into Lost in Communications.
    Metehan Demir, Journalist, Turkey Promotion Group Communication Consultant (Turkey)
    Country reputation and corporate reputation: new challenges for global business.
    Diego Gilardoni, Global Business and Communication Consultant, and Author (Switzerlnad)
  • Get Branded – Stranded Managing Country’s Image Opportunities & Risk.
    Yogesh Joshi, President of the Association for Business Communicators (India)
  • The importance of managing a country’s digital footprint.
    Dave King, Founder and CEO of Digitalis (UK)
  • Ethics in PR.
    Dan Hill, CEO of Hill Impact (USA)
  • Impact Branding: Creating not only shareholders’ profit, but also social & environmental value.
    Gabor Hegyi, Founding Managing Director of Capital Communications (Hungary)
  • PR Revolution: or Revolution in PR?
    Maxim Behar, ICCO’s former President, CEO of M3 Communications Group, Inc. (Bulgaria)
  • Virtual Reality: a New Communication Space!
    Ganesh Chandrasekaran, Founder of ACG Consulting (India)
  • Who is in the driver’s seat?
    Halim Abou Seif, Strategic Communications Consultant & Trainer, RADA Research & PR Co. (Egypt)
  • We Create Wonderful Experiences.
    Ma. Yolanda C. Crisanto, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications of Globe Telecom (The Philippines)
  • Somos Livres – We Are Free.
    Eduardo Vieira, Founder and CEO of Ideal H+K (Brazil)
  • KFC – The Size Doesn’t Matter.
    Serafima Gurova, founder and CEO of RODNYA Creative PR Studio (Russia)
  • Women Influence.
    Lena Bäcker, Co-Founder and President at Good Government Affairs, Committee Member at UNEDUCH/United Nation, International top-relations, Global Goodwill Ambassador, UNEDUCH – Universal Education Charter, Central government administration, Stockholm (Sweden)

For further information on the programme>>

To register>>

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Website re-development consulting project – Defeat-NCD Partnership, Geneva

Request for Proposals (RFP): Re-development of Website


The Defeat-NCD Partnership invites web designers or design agencies to re-develop, design and host the Partnership’s website, which can currently be found at https://defeat-ncd.org.

This RFP provides potential bidders with an overview of requirements they are expected to deliver on and criteria against which their proposals will be assessed. Vendors are expected to complete the task according to the set timeline and within the cost that is agreed. It is understood that details may be subject to change upon vendor recommendation and / or research of more optimal solutions. In your proposal, please feel free to make such suggestions.

The vendor team is expected to include fluent English language skills and good availability to interact with the Defeat-NCD Partnership manager for this project as it proceeds.

Project Overview

The Defeat-NCD Partnership has a website that needs to be re-designed and restructured, in terms of text, pictures, layout and navigational structure. The deadline for this project is 5 April 2018.

  • The re-developed website is expected to fulfill the subsequent functions:
  • Ensure information is provided in an accessible and user-friendly manner;
  • Streamline user experience;
  • Showcase and promote the organization’s work, communications and social media activity;
  • Demonstrate the organization’s expertise in key focus areas;
  • Encourage increased traffic to the website; and
  • Increase search engine ranking.


The Defeat-NCD Partnership is addressing one of the most significant global health problems of this age: premature death, sickness, and disability from selected non-communicable diseases, primarily diabetes and hypertension. It aims to reduce the burden on resource poor countries through increased access to a range of interconnected essential services and resources with a focus on treatment.

The focus on diabetes and hypertension is justified by their huge public health significance. On their own, and especially in combination, these cause by far the most global NCD deaths – some 1.6 million deaths yearly are attributed to diabetes, and 5.7 million are attributed to hypertension (out of some 17.7 million from cardiovascular conditions more broadly).

The Partnership is focusing initially on diabetes and hypertension, and expanding to other NCDs when feasible and working with governments, multilateral agencies, civil society, philanthropic foundations, and the private sector.

The Partnership works by mobilising global knowledge, tools, capacities, and finances to benefit resource-poor countries according to their specific needs and defined NCD action plans. This includes the populations of humanitarian concern that are hosted by them. The priority focus is on the 49 least developed and low-income countries with technical capacity building support also available to a further 43 lower middle-income countries.

The Defeat-NCD Partnership prioritises countries according to their development and income status. Top priority is being given to the least developed countries, as defined by the United Nations, and lowincome countries, as defined by the World Bank. The selected vendor will be given more detailed information to enable them to better understand the work of the Defeat-NCD Partnership.

Project Goals

All proposals submitted as part of this RFP need to reflect the following requirements:

  • Overview of website architecture outlining suggested website sections and subsections.
  • Ensure the online content is accessible on all platforms offering a user experience reflecting up-to-date industry standards (PC, tablet, smart phone, etc.).
  • Website content, such as news, statements, programme descriptions and blog updates need to be easy to update and edit preferably through an Open Source Software.
  • As part of the contract, website support, and one set of changes based on user analytics will be required. As will a solution for the maintenance of the website after its launch.
  • Google Analytics need to be integrated.
  • A training session to staff about how to use the website and the content management system will need to be included in the proposal.
  • Content Management
  • The website needs to be able to contain new text, audio and video content in the most common formats.
  • The website must be responsive for use on mobile device platforms.
  • The website needs to integrate and interact with the most common social media applications
  • such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Content needs to be made available throughout all of these channels.
  • Though text and website architecture has been included in this RFP, high quality images that reflect the text on every page will need to be included.
  • A proper hosting solution will need to be found, with VPS hosting options preferable. Please
  • provide information about minimum guaranteed uptime and response times of the hosting server in the proposal.
  • All rights of the content and the creation of the site must belong to The Defeat-NCD Partnership.
  • Expansion capability with additional sub-pages as content expands is expected.

Proposed Sitemap


Scope of Work

  • Project management
  • Illustration
  • Information design – wireframes
  • Visual design – source and edit high quality images
  • Search engine optimization
  • Front-end coding (HTML/CSS, animations)
  • Back-end coding (CMS, 3rd party APIs)
  • Web hosting
  • Mobile device optimization
  • Testing & quality assurance
  • Software training
  • Analytics software – Google analytics
  • Ongoing Support

Project Timeline

The deadline is April 5, 2018, with earlier completion welcome. The selected vendor will be expected to start work immediately, on notification of acceptance of the proposal.

RFP Submissions

  • The following submission requirements should be reflected in the proposals:
  • Information about the company and overview of previous client activities. Please include examples of similar projects.
  • Presentation of individuals to perform the work with a short summary of qualifications and previous experience.
  • Schedule for the delivery of the suggested accomplishments according to phases.
  • Budget overview for the required tasks including maintenance costs, training and future upgrades.
  • Details of proposed hosting server and location.


  • The deadline for submitting the RFP proposals is March 10, 2018.
  • Proposals need to be submitted electronically to Aliyah Esmail (aliyah.esmail@defeatncd.org) and Melanie Gerster (melanie.gerster@defeat-ncd.org).
  • The email subject must include “The Defeat-NCD Partnership RFP Website Development”. A confirmation of receipt will be sent to the bidders.

Selection process

  • The Defeat-NCD Partnership will contact relevant candidates and negotiations will start immediately.
  • All other candidates will be informed about the selection outcome after the submission deadline.
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GCN Lunch – Friday 2 March – wrap up

Thank you to the many members who managed to attend our GCN lunch last Friday 2 March, in spite of the challenging weather.

Thank you also to Michael Gentle who gave an interesting presentation on “What the press can teach us about business writing”.  Below, a few shots of the event.

Our next event will be held on 13 April at the Geneva Conference Centre (CICG). Stay tuned for details shortly.

The GCN Team


Michael Gentle, Founder and CEO, The First Three Lines, www.thefirstthreelines.com

Michael Gentle, Founder and CEO, The First Three Lines, www.thefirstthreelines.com

Questions from participants on “What the press can teach us about business writing”

Networking lunch following the presentation.

Thanks to Fiza Kahn from Safran Cuisine for her excellent catering.

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Spotlight seminer: #CreateEquality: empowering girls through technology

#CreateEquality: Empowering Girls Through Technology is being organized by the Media Communication department at Webster University Geneva, in celebration of the upcoming International Women’s Day.

As part of our ongoing Spotlight Seminar Series, this event is free and open to the public. An apéro and informal networking reception will follow. Registrations are kindly requested in advance.


Tuesday, March 6, 2018
18:30 – 19:30
Webster University Geneva
9, route de Collex
Living & Learning Center, Commons Room
(Genthod-Bellevue stop on CFF / TPG)


Veronica Birga, Chief of Section
Women’s Human Rights and Gender Section, UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

Anya Gass, Girls’ Advocacy Alliance Officer
Plan International

Hanaa Singer, Associate Regional Director
UNICEF Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia

Susan Schorr, Head, Digital Inclusion Division
International Telecommunication Union

Sarah Grosso, Media Communication Department, Webster University Geneva

Register online >>

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 Communications & Media Coordinator (Maternity cover) – Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC) Geneva

The Geneva-based Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC) of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) is the global leader in the provision of data, information and analysis on internal displacement. IDMC is recruiting for an 80% maternity cover post, starting in April 2018, under the guidance of the Head of our Communications Department.

1. Role and responsibilities
The Communications & Media Coordinator will be responsible for managing all media relations, content development, social media and corporate communications for IDMC and including the communications pack for the 2018 Global Report on Internal Displacement, as well as producing communications materials for online and traditional usage.

Overall responsibilities 

1. Develop annual media relations strategy to ensure IDMC’s work and opinions are regularly featured in international, regional and national media outlets
2. Implement media strategy including media briefings, relationship development with journalists, missions for director, identifying opportunities for opinion pieces and articles throughout the year, drafting content in consultation with other departments
3. Manage pool of expertise writers and commission work as required
4. Develop and implement the communications plan for the Global Report on Internal Displacement
5. Develop and manage a social media strategy using innovation and advertising
6. Contribute to and help to implement IDMC’s communication and website strategies
7. Draft materials for the media, website and social media (including speeches, articles, talking points, and drafting/editing blog posts) for a variety of audiences
8. Work with Policy & research department to develop range of position statements which will be updated accordingly
9. Work with Data & Analysis department to develop articles describing projects under development and their potential
10. Work with Publications Coordinator to develop infographics and assets to illustrate the key figures produced by IDMC
11. Work with the Website Coordinator to ensure content is provided in a timely way in consultation with website page authors
12. Develop corporate materials (brochures, newsletters, quarterly updates)
13. Work with Business Development Manager to develop Appeal and Annual Report publications
14. Provide communications support to promote IDMC products via the media, website and social media
15. Carry out media briefings to coincide with key report launches or key events

Critical interfaces

  • Policy and Research: Ongoing engagement with researchers/writers in the policy and research department to ensure that materials are developed in line with policy and research objectives
  • Engagement with NRC communications to share messaging, develop launch strategies for global reports and other key reports to ensure communications strategies are in line with social media and digital strategies
  • Publications Coordinator: Ensure coordinated approach to forward planning and the editorial calendar
  • Website Coordinator: Ensure content and technical developments for the website at aligned
  • Head of Communications: Assist with development of strategic plans and deputise as required.

2. Competencies 

  • University degree or the equivalent professional qualification in relevant subject
    Minimum 5 years of relevant experience in communications for an international organisation
  • Proven track record in delivering accurate and impactful editorial copy
  • Proven ability to analyse complex information from different sources and synthesise this information into concise, jargon-free press releases, articles, blogs, speeches and talking points
  • Professional experience of managing web and digital media platforms, including demonstrable experience in audience growth and engagement on social media
  • Proven ability to write for digital audiences in a way that is both accurate and engaging

Context/Specific skills, knowledge and experience: 

  • Previous working experience within the humanitarian sector preferred
  • Experience of working sensitively and responsibly on complex issues
  • Excellent verbal communications skills, and an ability to operate at all levels within the NRC and IDMC organisation(s)

Behavioural competencies 

  • Communicating with impact and respect
  • Creativity and ability to ‘think outside the box’
  • Planning and delivering results
  • Working with people

3. Applications 

Deadline for applications is 16 March 2018.

Please note that for reasons related to the procedure for work permits in Switzerland, only candidates with an EU or EFTA nationality can be considered for this role. Please send your application by email to sian.bowen@idmc.ch and please put your name in the subject title.

Make sure your application contains the following documents:

  • cv,
  • cover letter,
  • copy of your EU/EFTA passport
  • writing sample

Only complete application files will be considered.

For further information and full description>>

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Lunch seminar – 2 March 2018

Michael Gentle

Dear Communicators,

The Geneva Communicators Network is pleased to announce our next lunchtime seminar on Friday 2 March 2018:

What the press can teach us about business writing

Ah, the press. They separate fact from fiction – then print the fiction…

Okay, that may be unfair. But love them or hate them, journalists have mastered the art of clarity. Whether it’s complex issues in science, politics or business, their articles are always easy to read and understand. The same cannot be said about many of the e-mails, proposals and reports that clog our inboxes or clutter up our desks.

What makes journalists able to write clearly? After all, they aren’t inherently smarter than the rest of us, so they must be doing something right.
Come and listen to an insightful and entertaining talk on what separates business writing from media writing. You’ll be able to borrow many of their techniques with minimal effort, and start to apply them in your own business writing almost immediately.

Date: Friday 2 March 2018
Time: 12h30 to 14h00
Location: The Swiss Press Club, Route de Ferney 106, La Pastorale, 1202 Geneva.
Fee: CHF 30.- per person includes drinks and snacks
Please register online >> 

About the speaker:
Michael Gentle is the CEO and founder of The First Three Lines, a Geneva-based consultancy that teaches the essentials of business writing in focused 3-hr workshops.

He has worked in IT, project management, sales and marketing in global companies such as Apple, WorldCom, The Bank of Tokyo and Nestlé. The ability to communicate clearly and effectively was essential in allowing him to sell his ideas, products and services in highly competitive environments.

He is the author of a number of best-selling books, from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to IT Financials, and has written numerous articles in the press, in both English and French.

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Database and Web Management Expert – DCAF Geneva

The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF) is an international organisation that helps its 63 partners achieve good governance of the security and justice sector. The organisation works with governments, parliaments, security and justice providers, international organisations, civil society and media to assist the development of transparent and accountable governance of the security sector. The Middle East and North Africa Division is seeking a highly motivated and creative person for the position of Project Officer – Database and web management Expert (100%)  at its headquarters in Geneva:

Your mission
You will be responsible for the editing, maintenance and overall management of legal databases, websites and social media activities of the MENA Division, while contributing to the development and improvement of communication strategies, tools and practices.

Main duties and responsibilities:

  • Edit the content, maintain and manage online databases, especially DCAF’s legal databases for the security sector in MENA countries
  • Monitor and manage the content, performance and quality of the MENA Division websites
  • Manage, develop and improve the Division’s social media activities and products
  • Contribute to the design, development and consolidation of efficient communication strategies, including channels, tools and practices to support MENA operations
  • Develop innovative digital products to support MENA operations
  • Liaise with country offices in MENA countries and ensure the harmonization of their on-line products and activities
  • Plan, organise and coordinate the work of staff and external experts
  • Liaise with technical service providers

Your profile

  • Master’s degree in law, political science, communication, business or another relevant area
  • A minimum of 3 years’ work experience in a similar position
  • A proven understanding of legal terminology, and experience in managing databases, preferably legal ones
  • A solid grasp of emerging technologies, including online projects, databases and social media
  • Knowledge of the political, security and social environment in the MENA region would be an asset
  • Excellent command of English and good knowledge of French. Knowledge of Arabic is an asset
  • Excellent writing skills in English and/or French

To apply

Please send your dossier with the reference «PODWM 2018» to opmena@dcaf.ch by 11 February 2018:

  • a one-page cover letter in English describing your story and what you would bring us
  • a CV (maximum length 2 pages)
  • the completed DCAF Application Form

For further information>>


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