Past Workshop day –  Friday 6 December 2013 – featuring all three workshops

Workshop 1: Social media for communicators  

This workshop focuses on the basics of social media. It is for those communications professionals who have hesitated about stepping into the digital world either due to lack of time or understanding or concerns about issues such as privacy and control. This workshop will aim to help communicators gain a better understanding of the basic concepts in social media, how to effectively manage and apply the different platforms in their environment. It is suitable for those who have not yet established a profile on any network or those who have dabbled in social networking but don’t feel comfortable with or in control of their digital footprint (both professionally and personally).

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Workshop 2:  Filming and editing video for communicators

This is a practical and interactive course for communications professionals who want to know when and how to best exploit the numerous and growing opportunities video offers in conveying your stories to your target audiences, while avoiding costly mistakes. If you’re using video now or in the future, this course will inform and train you in the core areas required to produce visually compelling video. This workshop focuses on the practical side of in-house video production: shot design, camera manipulation, lighting setup, audio recording, and basic editing techniques.
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Workshop 3: Media interviews for communicators

This practical and interactive course will give you the skills for media interviews with the press, TV or radio. Given by a former BBC foreign correspondent, it will strip away misconceptions about what the media wants. It will show you how to control the interview and feel confident when speaking to journalists. As well as learning how the media operates and what the interviewer is looking for, you’ll be given mock radio and on camera interviews to give you a realistic experience
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