Past Workshop day –  Friday 1 June 2012

The Geneva Communicators Network is pleased to introduce a series of workshops to help communicators in the Geneva region brush up on specific communications tasks.

Three one-day workshops will be run simultaneously, with a networking lunch to allow participants to mingle briefly. Each session will include a combination of theory and practice to help communicators improve their specific skills. The groups will be small (maximum 15)  to allow instructors to address each participants specific needs.

Past Workshop day –  Friday 1 June 2012 – featuring all three workshops:

Workshop 1: Social media for communicators  

This workshop focuses on the basics of social media. It is for those communications professionals who have hesitated about stepping into the digital world either due to lack of time or undrestanding or concerns about issues such as privacy and control. This workshop will aim to help communicators gain a better understanding of the basic concepts in social media, how to effectively manage and apply the different platforms in their environment. It is suitable for those who have not yet established a profile on any network or those who have dabbled in social networking but don’t feel comfortable with or in control of their digital footprint (both professionally and personally).

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Workshop 2: Creating video for communicators

This is a practical and interactive workshop for communications professionals who want to know when and how to best exploit the numerous and growing opportunities video offers in conveying your stories to your target audiences, while avoiding costly mistakes. If you’re using video now or in the future, this workshop will inform and train you in the core areas required to produce visually compelling video. This workshop integrates storytelling through images and technical know-how explaining all the production steps from the idea to the final video.

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Workshop 3: Effective writing for communicators  

Communicating effectively is getting harder. In most office environments, people are overloaded with messages and are increasingly time-poor. This workshop has been designed for those that need to communicate regularly and get results, but may not have had previous writing training. It will look at what effective communication looks like today and and show you how you can write memorable messages that your audience will want to read.

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Cost:  420 CHF for GCN members, 550 CHF for non-members  (includes a buffet lunch and tea/coffee)  Date: Friday 1 June 2012 (new dates and workshops to be announced)  time: 09h30 – 16h30  Location: International University in Geneva,  ICC 20, Rte de Pré-Bois – 1215 Geneva 15, Switzerland

Please read our Terms and Conditions:

Any participant who has not paid their registration fee in full will be refused entry to the training course it applies to.

Cancellations can be made up to 15 days before the training (full refund will be given minus 6% of the fees paid which is how much our online registration system charges us). Substitute participants will be accepted until 24 hours before the event.   These terms and conditions are effective for ALL registrations, No refunds will be given to participants that are ‘No Show’ on the day.   The Geneva Communicators Network will not accept liability for any transport disruptions, individual travel delays or other changes in circumstances. In any of these instances, the cancellation restrictions as stated above will apply.

In the unlikely event that the Geneva Communicators Network is forced to cancel a training course, we  will refund your registration fee 100%.