Past Workshop day –  Friday 6 March 2015 – featuring all three workshops

Workshop day :  Friday 6 March 2015 at the Conference Centre (CICG) in Geneva – featuring three workshops (Note: you can only attend one workshop in the day!):

Cost: 480 CHF for GCN members, 600 CHF for non-members
(includes a buffet lunch and tea/coffee)

Location: Conference Centre Geneva (CICG), 17 rue Varembé, 1211 Geneva
Public transport from Cornavan main railway station : Bus n°5 : Bus stop “Vermont”, Bus n°8 : Bus stop “UIT”, Tramway n°15: Stop “Nations. Public transport from the international airport : Bus n°5 : Bus stop “Vermont”, Bus n°28 : Bus stop “Nations”

Workshop 1: Engaging with your audiences 

Communicating is no longer about simply sending out a press release or publishing a notice on your website. No matter how important your message is, or even how big your budget is, it’s no longer about how well you broadcast what you have to say – it’s about creating engagement. And that’s a whole different animal altogether. Whether you are corporate or humanitarian, government or private individual, in this dynamic and rapidly changing world, the only thing that really counts is how well you can get people to engage. This workshop will show you how.
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Workshop 2:  Advanced social media
In the current, multi-channel communications environment, strategically managing social media is a must for every organization or corporation. And that goes far beyond tactical postings and interaction with individuals or groups, even if they belong to your defined target audiences. Indeed, social media must be embedded in the organizational strategy at multiple levels, ranging from communications and marketing to HR and operations. With this multi-purpose approach to social media, different aspects regarding engagement strategies, channel selection, tone of voice, management tools, evaluation and measurement have to be taken into consideration.
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Workshop 3: Writing for the web

Writing for the web is different. People who visit and use your website or Intranet have different needs and expectations to those who read your messages through other channels. In this workshop you will discover how to write great content that meets these needs and keeps your visitors coming back.
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