1. Overview: 

This workshop focuses on the basics of social media. It is for those communications professionals who have hesitated about stepping into the digital world either due to lack of time or understanding or concerns about issues such as privacy and control.

This workshop will aim to help communicators gain a better understanding of the basic concepts in social media, how to effectively manage and apply the different platforms in their environment.

It is suitable for those who have not yet established a profile on any network or those who have dabbled in social networking but don’t feel comfortable with or in control of their digital footprint (both professionally and personally).

2. Benefits of attending:

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will:

  • Feel comfortable with the concept of social media
  • Gain insight into the main social media tools and services
  • Learn how to apply a social media strategy to achieve a particular objective, whether personal or professional.

3. Course outline:

The workshop will cover the following topics:

  • A review of the basic concepts in social media
  • Managing your digital footprint (just because you haven’t created one, doesn’t mean you are not on the web).
  • Review of most important social media tools and services and how to use them effectively.
  • Internet security: How to manage your profiles effectively.
  •  An interactive session on blogging. All participants will be asked to set up a blog and start entering content.
  •  Social media strategies : what works and what doesn’t for  personal objectives (e.g. career) or professional objectives (e.g. visibility for your organisation)
  • Social media and communication strategies: pros and cons of using social media for communicators


About the trainer:

Patricia Goldschmid works as an independent communications consultant in Geneva, specialising in strategic communication, new media, as well as evaluation and measurement on an international level. Patricia has over 12 years experience working in project management and communications with organisations in the Insurance, Pharmaceutical, and IT sectors as well as consulting projects with numerous international organisations and non-governmental organisations. She has an Honours Masters of Science in Communications from the University of Lugano, Switzerland. She has also designed and taught New Media, Multimedia among many other courses at the International University  in Geneva for the past 6 years. Other courses include Strategic Communications, Executive Communications, Global Communications, Crisis Management, Research Methods, Business Writing, and Public Relations.