1. Overview

In today’s digital age, crisis management has become more immediate and complex than ever before. Corporate crises rarely remain rooted in one country and through the increasing use of social media, companies see themselves confronted with a whole new set of risks. This calls for new methodologies and a fresh approach. Communication plays a key role in successful crisis management.

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2. Benefits of attending

This course will help participants to understand the rudiments of good crisis preparedness and management and gain tools they can use for practical implementation inside their own organisation. These include the key elements of a crisis handbook, do’s and don’ts for communicating with the media in a crisis and clear insights into key pitfalls and challenges in crisis communication.

3. Course outline

•    Your Stakeholders in a Crisis;
 Understanding how and why good stakeholder management can bet he success factor in crisis management.

•    Tips for dealing with the media in a crisis: 
The way in which media cover a crisis situation can have a decisive effect on its outcome. The course reviews some important rules and principles that help both before and during the crisis.

•    Issue Management: 
Most crises arise from issues that escalate because they were not recognised in time. We will look at ways of setting up issue management mechanisms within your organisation and systemised procedures that allow you to pick up on important signals before problems arise.

•    Rudiments of Crisis Communication and Management: 
Good crisis management must start before the crisis. We will look at the key precautions that organisations should take and how these principles can provide the basis of efficient crisis management. This part of the workshop will be rounded up with a short crisis simulation.

4. About the trainer

Marion Starck has been working in crisis management and crisis communication for over 20 years both as in-house Communications Director and as a consultant in agencies in London and Zurich. Before founding the Crisis Protection Network, she was Board Member of Burson-Marsteller Switzerland, prior to which she was Partner and Board Member of Trimedia Communications. The Crisis Protecion Network brings together the unique combination of branding, monitoring and crisis management expertise with a shared methodology that works.

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