1. Overview: 

As Communicators within your respective organizations, you need to be part of your Organization’s strategic marketing plan. Understanding your role and contributing to its marketing plan, can set you apart and give you an advantage over your colleagues in today’s competitive environment.

“Exploring Marketing: A Creative Learning Approach” is a tried and tested knowledge-based program that solidly reinforces the principles and concepts of contemporary marketing. Before long, you will feel comfortable and confident with marketing terms and concepts.

Accompanying this workshop is a glossary of 200 terms, Power Point slides with cases and solutions as well as audio reinforcement and interactive quizzes.

“This is an amazing course! I was able to apply my knowledge of marketing immediately in the workplace, thus enabling me to communicate more efficiently with my marketing colleagues. I highly recommend this approach.” Valerie Extermann, Communication Specialist, Communications, EAME Power Systems, CATERPILLAR Geneva, Switzerland

“This course was fantastic! It really helped reinforce my knowledge.” Céline Ghrenassia, Student, International University in Geneva, Switzerland

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2. Benefits of attending:

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will:

• Feel comfortable and confident with marketing terms and concepts
• Expand knowledge, from market segmentation and product positioning to the management of distribution channels and communications’ strategy
• identify new opportunities to create value and enhance your communications’ activities

3. Course outline:

Participating in classroom presentations, discussions, and case-study analysis, you will strengthen your capacity to:
• Analyze and understand customer needs and buying behavior
• Understand competitor strengths and weaknesses
• Identify shifts in the technological, political, and cultural context of business
• Comprehend your role in a fully integrated, strategic marketing plan

Register now – 13 June 2014 workshop>>

About the trainer:

Your trainer, Dr. Patrice Anne Nuq, co-authored Exploring Marketing and therefore, you have the opportunity to hear from an insider’s perspective. Patrice Anne Nuq is Dean of Academic Affairs and Professor of Marketing at International University in Geneva since 2001. She is a visiting faculty member for Villanova University and Ohio State University for their summer programs in Geneva Switzerland. She is an editorial board member of the Journal of Consumer Marketing and publishes in leading international journals with her most recent publication on the adoption and marketing of eHealth services.

Ms. Nuq draws on extensive international market experience in strategic and operational marketing aimed at customer loyalty and satisfaction. As Director of Marketing, Customer Development, Patrice was instrumental in launching Orange into the Swiss market building on her successful track record in the marketing of leading high technology brands, having started her career in the United States working at RCA Global Communications and ITT World Communications.

This was followed by international roles where she lived and worked in the United Kingdom, France and Switzerland, working with world leaders such as: British Telecommunications, Digital Equipment /Compaq, and Orange Communications.  She holds a Doctorate in Business Administration from Grenoble Graduate School of Management and Newcastle University in the United Kingdom and an MBA from Rutgers University in the United States.