Workshop 2 – Advanced social media

1. Overview:  

In the current, multi-channel communications environment, strategically managing social media is a must for every organization or corporation. And that goes far beyond tactical postings and interaction with individuals or groups, even if they belong to your defined target audiences. Indeed, social media must be embedded in the organizational strategy at multiple levels, ranging from communications and marketing to HR and operations. With this multi-purpose approach to social media, different aspects regarding engagement strategies, channel selection, tone of voice, management tools, evaluation and measurement have to be taken into consideration.

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2. Benefits of attending:

The overall objective of this workshop is to equip participants with insights and tools to:

  • Define where their organization stands in terms of social media sophistication and decide on necessary next steps
  • Develop a strategic framework for managing their social media engagement
  • Understand social media measurement and evaluation both in terms of models and best practice.

3. Course outline:

Beyond interaction

Social media is not only about interacting with a specific audience (or community). It is about engagement and ongoing dialogue. In order to engage with a community, the social media strategy has to be developed beyond using tools that are offered by a range of international suppliers. The strategy should integrate activities that, together, form a comprehensive online communications and marketing mix including: website management, media outreach, direct stakeholder engagement and paid marcom solutions.

From community management to social organization

How do you get real business value from your online community? It involves horizontal and vertical integration of social media, because the channels serve multiple purposes: CRM, activation, communications, and direct engagement. The processes have to be managed diligently at all times.

Finding your tone of voice

There is no universal “social media tone of voice”. The often quoted “cookie cutter approach” does not work in the realities of community management. Of course, using social media conventions to enhance your reach is important, but you need to really understand your community in order to find your organization’s social personality.

 Connecting the dots

You must first establish how digitally sophisticated your organization is to develop the most appropriate next steps for your social media needs. Focusing on social media’s business/organizational integration will help you to enhance your strategy and deliver the best results possible.

Social me – my footprint and my leadership

Social media provides a unique opportunity for personal branding, reputation management and networking. This social “me” can bring you great benefits in your private and professional life. We will look at the practical steps needed to move your social presence to the next level and how to guarantee the best return on your efforts.

I will measure it! 

Social media measurement and evaluation is a hot topic. A plethora of tool providers claim to have the magic formula to showcase the value of social media and measure outputs and outcomes. How should you create a social media measurement framework? How do you select the right tools for your organization and your strategy? Answers and guidelines will be provided.

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4. About the trainer:

Lukasz M. Bochenek (PhD) is passionate about unleashing business potential of social media. His work has focused on digital engagement since the earliest stages of social media in the late 2000s. Currently, Lukasz works as a consultant at Leidar. He develops effective social media strategies, processes and measurement frameworks for multi-national companies, NGOs and SMEs. He has overseen the management of communities from 100s of key stakeholders to over one million members across all continents. Lukasz is a published author and speaker at international conferences.