Workshop 2 –  Filming and editing  video for communicators

1. Overview: 

This is a practical and interactive course for communications professionals who want to know when and how to best exploit the numerous and growing opportunities video offers in conveying your stories to your target audiences, while avoiding costly mistakes. If you’re using video now or in the future, this course will inform and train you in the core areas required to produce visually compelling video. This workshop focuses on the practical side of in-house video production: shot design, camera manipulation, lighting setup, audio recording, and basic editing techniques.

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2. Benefits of attending:

  • Learn different visual storytelling techniques and the different video products that can convey your key messages
  • Get involved and focus on the practicalities of producing a video.

  • Practice working as a video producer yourself – your expertise and responsibilities.
  • Be able to successfully produce small in-house video productions

  • Understand the workflow of video production and anticipate issues to optimize your resources.

3. Course outline:

  • Introduction: types of videos

– What video for what purpose.
– Setting objectives and target audiences.

  • What’s the story?

– Even the simplest video should be designed around a story.
– Elements of storytelling
– What is decided in pre-production and what is decided in post-production?

  • Designing the shot.

– Basics of framing.
– Basics of lighting
– Working with the camera.
– Types of focals lengths and meaning.
– Types of shots and meaning

  • Filming

– Practical session filming interviews and b-roll 

  • Post-production process.

– Ingesting and organizing media
– Editing
– Compositing, titles, and soundtracks
– Mastering and rendering. (overview of formats and codecs)
– ‘Fixing in post-production’ or ‘enhancing in post-production’?

  • Promotion and distribution

– What are the options?
– Multi-format and multi-platform delivery.
– Hosting and streaming your video online
– Social media networks – YouTube/Vimeo/Blogs

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4. About the trainer:

Victor Planas-Bielsa: With combined background of science and art, Victor is founder of Art’n Visual Production, where he also takes the role of producer/director. He has several years experience producing audiovisual content for international firms, NGO’s, and communication agencies. His previous experience in finance (where he was worked as global strategist) allows him to have a strong business orientation, and to offer advise on the type of deliverables that an organization needs to ultimately to achieve its goals. He also teaches at the International University in Geneva.