1. Overview

Increasingly communicators need the ability to evaluate their activities and know what their audiences think and desire. Being able to design and set-up online surveys  is a key tool for communicators for soliciting feedback and interacting with audiences. This is a practical workshop that will take participants from the design to the analysis stage with exercises using an online survey tool.

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2. Benefits of attending

•  Understand when and how surveys are best used for communicators
•  Learn the basics of writing good questions and surveys in general
•  Practice setting up a survey using an online tool
•  Understand how survey results can be used, analysed and presented to make you as a communicator stronger

3. Course outline

a. Introduction

  • Why a survey? Alternatives to survey
  • Advantages & disadvantages of surveys
  • How surveys fit into communications and evaluation

b. Creation:

  • Setting objectives for surveys (what do you want to find out?)
  • Moving from concepts to questions (how surveys measure “practices” “intentions”, issues”, “attitudes”, etc).
  • Types of questions/answers
  • Formulating questions/answers
  • Setting up the survey on an online tool

c. Management:

  • Print verses online questionnaires
  • Launching and promoting surveys
  • Do’s and don’ts for email promotion

d. Analysis:

  • Basics of analysing survey data (including common errors and distortions)
  • Analysing open and closed questions
  • Reporting and using results

4. About the trainer

glenn_web1 This workshop will be conducted by Glenn O’Neil, co-founder of the Geneva Communicators Network and founder of  Owl RE, evaluation and research consultancy. Glenn has led evaluation, research and communication projects for  international organisations and companies (recent clients have included the World Health Organisation, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Oxfam and the World Intellectual Property Organization). Co-author of the Intelligent Measurement blog, Glenn has an Executive Masters in Communications Management from the University of Lugano and is currently undertaking a PhD in research and evaluation methodology at the Methodology Institute of the London School of Economics and Political Science. Glenn also teaches research and communications courses at the International University in Geneva. Glenn is an observer member of the Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action (international interagency forum) and a member of the European Evaluation Society (professional association).

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