1. Overview

Writing for the web is different. People who visit and use your website or Intranet have different needs and expectations to those who read your messages through other channels. In this workshop you will discover how to write great content that meets these needs and keeps your visitors coming back.

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2. Benefits of attending

The overall objective of this interactive workshop is to provide you with the understanding, tools and inspiration you need to:

• Write clear messages that your audience will want to read
• Write content that aids navigation and comprehension
• Gives your users the information and experience they seek.

3. Course outline

•  The web is different
Understanding how people use the web and why their online needs are different will help you to produce focused content that is both attractive and delivers results.

• The Golden Rules of online writing
While many of the old rules still apply to online writing, there are some key differences. Having a good understanding of what works will help you produce great content every time.

• Developing the Write Skills
Without doubt, there are new skills that anyone involved in online writing needs to learn and master. This session will give you the knowledge you need to succeed online such as how to produce powerful links, compelling blogs and killer content.

•  Making it work
This session will take a closer look at the steps involved in planning web content that works.

•  Putting it across
Image is everything. How you present your information is an important element of online success – not least, as you need to build instant trust and rapport with your audience. In this session, we will look at the many alternatives to the off-putting ‘brick-wall’ of text.

Throughout the workshop, participants will learn from real-life examples and have lots of opportunity to put their new skills into practice.

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4. About the trainer:

melitta-campbellMelitta Campbell developed her first corporate Internet site in 1997 and has been managing, renovating and editing Internets and Intranets ever since. For 12 years she worked in Corporate Communications within International Business before becoming an independent communications consultant and writer/editor in 2008. She has a degree in Design Management and a CIM postgraduate diploma in Marketing and Communication.