As a Global Social Media Manager, you will lead the definition and operationalization of all social media activities across Nestlé. In tight partnership with Digital Media and Content teams, your mission will be to define the right framework for Nestlé brands and corporation to listen, engage and publish on Social Media platforms. You will ensure that Social Media activities are embedded into Nestlé brand building and eBusiness operations, specifically to content and consumer service. The person in charge will deliver guidance, framework and lead roll-out of Nestlé best practices and solutions in order to deliver maximum brand and business results across major and emerging social media platforms. You will work closely with Digital Innovation to pilot new formats, ways of engaging and advance Nestlé listening capabilities to stay ahead of consumer trends and expectations. Finally, you will be responsible in delivering the framework and report on social media performance to Nestlé company and brands, working with internal and external partners.
Key responsibilities

  • Leading of the definition of listening framework and operations across major and emerging social media platforms
    Close collaboration with Digital Innovation and platform partners
  • Close contact with Nestlé markets, manage with Digital Services Unit the improvement of listening solutions to ensure best in class operations, integrated to the overall eBusiness ecosystem
  • Ensuring delivery best in class listening service to markets
  • Integration within Nestlé measurement framework, define and implement the scope of social analytics, to service all functions at Nestlé
  • Definition and delivery of the framework and practices to engage with our consumers, in very close partnership with content and consumer service teams
  • Definition and implementation the right operating model for Nestlé to be the most reactive and efficient on social platforms, integrated with brand strategies
  • In collaboration with the consumer service team and corporate communication, ensuring the best in class service on social channels, inclusive of crisis management
  • Close collaboration with the content team, development and roll-out of integrated framework to publish brand content on social platforms
  • Partner with Nestlé markets and agency partners to implement the right operating model that delivers the best efficiencies and maximum brand results
Education and experience
  • At least 5 years of experience and high expertise on managing complex social media environment for a large company, operating at global level
  • Strong knowledge of the media and digital space, with a focus on consumer engagement and new consumer expectations
  • Strong focus and experience in working with consumer service teams, with proven successes on delivering high service level on social channels
  • Fluent in English
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