Get ready to break free from your limits and enjoy a rich life!


During this one-day workshop, expert coaches Lynda Heffernan (High-performance and mindset) and Melitta Campbell (Business and Communications) will be helping you determine what lies between you and everything you want to achieve in life and business.

During this highly practical and enlightening workshop, you will be shown how to create the strategies you need to live the life you desire.

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During the Millionaire Mindset Workshop...

Lynda and Melitta will be sharing insights and strategies to help you:

  • implement positive changes in your life
  • embrace new challenges and opportunities,
  • get more from life, without doing more, and
  • step into your authentic power and purpose so you can live with an open heart and transcend your wildest dreams.

You see, you haven’t been getting things wrong so far, you just haven’t found the right strategy yet. And there is no better time than NOW to start putting that right.

We live in fast-changing times that demand flexibility, resilience and character.

Join the Millionaire Mindset Workshop in Lausanne and start taking back control of your life and step into your real potential.


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About the Trainers

Melitta Campbell - Trainer at the Millionaire Mindset Workshop

Melitta Campbell

After working in international business for 15 years and running two successful businesses for more than 10 years, today, Melitta provides business coaching and training for new and aspiring female entrepreneurs.

“I’ve learned that success comes from having clarity of purpose, an ability to communicate clearly, and personal confidence. All my work centres around helping women build these core skills so they can launch a successful business that they love.”

 “Melitta has helped me reignite my spark and fall back in love with being an entrepreneur. I now feel more equipped to deal with whatever comes next.” Kate Naegli


Lynda Heffernan - Trainer at the Millionaire Mindset Workshop

Lynda Heffernan

Lynda’s goal in life is to empower people to reach their full potential.

Using her unique coaching approach that blends Mindful NLP and Cognitive Kaizen she helps her clients create the changes that lead to sustainable high performance in all areas of life and business.

“Over and over, I’ve seen that once people become aware of what lies between them and everything they want to achieve, magic starts to happen. That’s what I’m looking forward to with the Millionaire Mindset Workshop.”

 “My experience with Lynda has been truly transformative in terms of advancing my corporate career, and more recently she has been instrumental in giving me the confidence and skills to create my own consultancy business.” Mark Phelan


Super Early Bird prices end on 24 August!


> Full information and tickets