To accelerate the adaptation of the humanitarian needs of people affected by crises and to changes in its environment, the ICRC has adopted a series of measures to support and lead innovation.
The ICRC approaches innovation as a shared responsibility distributed across the organization and is taking concrete steps to strengthen related practice at three distinct levels:
• First level innovation: reinforced and mainstreamed across the entire organization in the spirit of continuous improvement, so as to become a reflex, and part of ICRC’s practice and culture;
• Second level innovation: bottom-up innovative ideas and solutions, originating at the point of needs, whether field or HQ, are to be better captured, tested and supported, with a view to being rapidly adopted and scaled when and where appropriate;
• Third level innovation: strategic challenges are addressed purposely, in a top-down intentional manner, through dedicated Research & Development (R&D) efforts.

To that purpose, it has created an Innovation Board (InnoBoard), and an Innovation Facilitation Team. Chaired by the Director-General, the InnoBoard drives the organization’s overall innovation agenda. The Innovation Facilitation Team, a three-person team led by the Head of Innovation supports the InnoBoard in the implementation of its mandate.

To strengthen the culture of innovation within the ICRC, while positioning the ICRC to its external partners as an organization that is intentional and committed to adapting to a world that demands agility, a new communication strategy was developed. Part of this strategy consist of launching a blog dedicated to ‘innovation across the ICRC’ addressing and engaging internal and external audiences – spanning from ICRC staff, to innovation practitioners within the Red Cross Red Crescent movement and other humanitarian organizations, to actual and potential donors and partners.

The Innovation Blog Writer produces, edits and revises a range of texts on a wide variety of topics related to innovation for publication on the soon-to-be-launched Innovation blog.

• Identify, in collaboration with the Innovation Facilitation Team, stories/topics and suggest format and angle
• Discuss with ICRC field and headquarters staff to collect information from various innovation initiatives and other innovative projects
• Record newsworthy content in appropriate medium such as articles or interviews for publication in our Red Innovation blog
• Produce texts as well as appropriate images/photography to highlight the stories shared
• Edit or repurpose content published on other ICRC digital channels for the Red Innovation blog

• Bachelor’s degree in communications and/or journalism or English
• At least five years of professional experience in journalism, or related communication field
• Excellent English language writing and editing
• Basic knowledge of photography, graphics and video is considered as an added
• Experience with the ICRC or other humanitarian organizations a strong asset
• Demonstrated ability to communicate complex issues in a simple, engaging and concise manner and to adapt message to different audiences
• Experience in using a broad range of communication techniques and tools, with technical skills in delivering communication outputs

• Location: Geneva
• Activity rate: 20 to 50%, (ideally 50% but flexible)
• Length of assignment: 3 to 6 months depending on the activity rate
• Estimated start date: September 2018
• Contract type: Temporary via an external partner agency
Interested persons fulfilling the above criterias are invited to send their CV and Cover Letter to Kelly Araujo (
In the subject line of your email, please write: “Blog Writer – Application”
Deadline for application: 09.09.2018